Additional Resources

Our desire at Grace Baptist Church is for everyone to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word.  While we strive to do this through preaching and teaching in our own church, we also want to recognize and provide good resources for the Christian to grow in his faith.  While we do not necessarily endorse every particular teaching of these ministries, they do provide a solid foundation of Biblical teaching.

The American Family News Network
The American Family News Network is a Christian news organization that shares today’s news from a Christian perspective.

Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis strives to teach Christian apologetics, providing a Biblical foundation in developing a Christian worldview.  Their ministry focuses primarily on defending the truth of Genesis and Biblical Creation.

The Berean Call
The Berean Call’s primary ministry is to help Christians develop Biblical discernment and an understanding of Biblical truth, based on the teaching in Acts 17:11 about the Berean Christians.

Institute of Creation Research
The Institute of Creation Research seeks to provide scientific research to help equip Christians to understand God’s Creation better and to defend the authority and accuracy of God’s Word.

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