Clarification to “The Mechanism of Evolution?”

In our recent post, “The Mechanism of Evolution?,” we stated that no helpful mutations have ever been discovered. Perhaps a better way to state this would be to say that no helpful mutations have been discovered that add new genetic information; in other words, “helpful” refers to adding “helpful” information to the genes that will help the creature to grow and live better.  On rare occasions, some mutations may be “helpful” in a temporary sense, but they do not add information to the genetic code.  For instance, a mutation that causes a particular type of anemia is helpful in the sense that it protects the body against malaria.  But this same mutation caused a loss of information in the genetic code that helps made proper blood cells, and this anemia can cause several other types of health problems.  So this particular mutations may be “helpful” in the sense that the person who has it will not get malaria, but it still caused a loss of genetic information.  It is not helpful in the sense of adding new genetic information that would be required for evolution.  In other words, it is not helpful in the way that evolution would need it to be.
–Pastor Tim

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