God Still Reigns

In response to the June 26th Supreme Court ruling concerning homosexuality, Chris Anderson and Paul Keew recently published a new hymn titled God Supreme.  The focus of their Biblically-based song accurately depicts what Christians’ perspective of our age should be.  When mankind attempts to throw off the authority of God and determine his own rules, he cannot truly free himself.  Man may shake his fist at God’s authority, but God still reigns supreme, and the nations are as a drop in a bucket to Him (Isaiah 40:15).  It should sadden us as Christians when we see our nation trying to throw off God’s authority regarding homosexuality and abortion (as recent news reminds us of another Supreme Court decision from 1973 that tried to reject God’s authority).  We should be saddened at the condition of those who reject God’s authority, but we should not be depressed, because God is still supreme.  Nor should we forget the solution to man’s problem of sin.  We live in a sin-filled world, but God has provided us the answer to sin through Christ.  The message of sin should ultimately lead to the message of the cross, and we cannot ignore the hope that the Gospel brings.  God still reigns supreme, and He will judge sin.  But for the one who has placed his faith in Christ, Christ bears the punishment of his sin, and God forgives his sin and gives him eternal life (Romans 5:6-11; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Ephesians 2:4-9).  We should be saddened by the condition of our country, but we should also keep our hope in God, and we should share the hope that He has given with others.

God Supreme

Verse 1 (based on Psalm 2)
Almighty laughs as nations rage!
Our self-proclaimed “enlightened” age
May scorn and cast off sacred rules,
But God derides delusive fools.
His reign depends not on our whim;
We neither aid nor threaten Him.
Almighty bids us, “Kiss the Son,
Or by His anger be undone.”

Verse 2 (based on Psalm 1)
Almighty lives and cannot change;
Men rise and fall like crashing waves.
Their boasting is but vanity;
Man is no match for Deity.
The righteous live in endless day,
But fools, like chaff, blow soon away.
Almighty rules unruly men,
Who, though they scoff, will answer Him.

Verse 3 (based on John 3:16-18)
Almighty loves the sinful soul
And yearns to make the broken whole.
He came to rescue, not condemn—
The sinless Son, the sinner’s Friend.
He suffered in the rebel’s place
To take God’s wrath and give God’s grace.
Almighty loves, and so must we,
That fellow sinners may go free.

“God Supreme”
By Chris Anderson and Paul Keew
©2015 ChurchWorksMedia.com/Watchsong
CCLI #11331918


–Pastor Tim

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